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The T-series offers several feature rich handsets with enhanced capabilities, providing telephony solutions for a broad range of users, from high volume call extensions and executives to low call users and small workgroups.

The T-series can be used on two system platforms, BT Meridian Norstar and Business Communications Manager (BCM), providing both investment protection and a migration path between either system. The BCM Business T Series offers full integration with BT Meridian Norstar and Business Communications Manager features, as well as integration with basic and advanced applications such as Voicemail, Call Center (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and Integrated Voice and Data Solutions.

T Range Handsets Product Brief PDF

BT Meridian Norstar T7100
BT Meridian Norstar T7208
BT Meridian Norstar T7316E
T7316E + T24 KIM


The T7100 delivers BT Meridian Norstar and Business Communications Manager features and reliability to lower traffic areas such as lobbies, office kitchens, reception rooms, and break rooms. This single line telephone is easy to use but highly functional, with a programmable memory button and a 16-character LCD window.


One programmable memory button provides access to any department or person
Tilt display with integrated Visual Ring/Message Waiting Indicator enables optimum viewing
16-character LCD window provides viewable date, time, and caller information
Desktop Assistant Labelling Application compatible
Large ITU dial pad is an Internationally (standard for simple 3rd party application compliance)
Volume control bar can be tuned for a variety of business environments
Feature access button enables one touch feature activation
Convenient hold and release buttons
Wall mountable
Compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager systems
English or French keycaps (optional)
Long handset cord -2.7m (optional)
Shoulder rest (optional)
Quick feature decal (optional)


The T7208 is suited for lower internal and higher external call volumes and supports up to eight lines and frequently used features. The T7208 is a cost effective solution for users needing few programmable features and/or AutoDial numbers. It is well suited for reception areas and for workstations with moderate call volume and activity, as well as areas with shared telephones, such as factories, retail departments, or repair centers.


Supports up to 6 lines
8 programmable memory buttons with LCD indicator
Tilt display with integrated visual ring/message waiting indicator
1 line, 16-character LCD window
Desktop Assistant Labelling Application compatible
Large ITU dial pad
Handsfree operation
Built in headset jack
Audio control center
Quick feature decal (optional)
Feature access button
Hold button
Release button
Wall mountable
Compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager systems
Hearing aid compatible
English or French keycaps (optional)
Long handset cord -2.7m (optional)
Shoulder rest (optional)


The T7316E is a fully featured, expandable, multi-line telephone that has a two line, 16-character per line display that is menu driven and supported by three context sensitive soft keys. The T7316E provides access to 24 memory buttons, 16 of which include multi segment icons for fast and precise decision making. It is designed for high call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features. Typical users include supervisors, managers, executives and other business professionals.


The Business Series Terminals leverage the features of the earlier Norstar Telephone Portfolio and add the following new features and benefits.

BCM and Norstar compatible
Multi line w/multi segment
call appearance icons
16 programmable buttons for lines/features/autodials
8 additional memory buttons for features/autodials
Expandable by adding T24 KIM
Integrated BLF/DSS
Fixed buttons: feature, hold, release
Two line adjustable display w/soft keys
Built in speakerphone
Message Waiting Indication
Time and date displayed
Built in headset
Audio control center with mute, hands free, headset and volume bar
Default features based on profiles
Default line and hunt group assignment
Retractable quick reference card
Desk or wall mount
Hearing aid compatible
Desktop Assistant label application compatible
ITU dialpad
English and French keycaps (accessory)
Extra length 2.7m handset cord (accessory)
Shoulder rest (accessory)


The Business Series Terminal T7316E + T24 KIMare ergonomically designed to ensure administrative assistants, receptionists and emergency contact center personnel distribute calls more efficiently. By attaching up to four T24 Key Indicator Modules (KIMs) directly to a T7316E, users can elevate their operations while maintaining exceptional customer service. The result is a desktop telephone solution ready to transform the pace and efficiency of any business operation whilst maintaining exceptional customer service standards.


Modular design
Whether functioning as a feature rich standalone solution or as a Central Answering Position, the T7316E+T24 modular design allows strategic deployment based on business requirements

System powered
Reliability is improved and installation simplified by removing the auxiliary power supply and utilizing the BCM or Norstar system to power the BST CAP

Busy lamp field/Direct station select
Increases customer satisfaction while improving operator efficiency by utilizing multi segment icons for accurate and efficient routing of customer inquiries

Audio control center
Simplifies telephone operation by clustering common audio features for fast and precise toggle action between handset, headset, and speaker

Multiple hunt groups on the T24 Key Indicator Module (KIM)
Ensures real time contact by providing a series of telephone lines organized in such a way that if the first line is busy the next line is hunted until a free line is found

Multi segment icons
Improves internal communication flow by providing a station status for system subscribers

Default features based on profiles
Simplifies system administration by defaulting to one of four profiles, based on user requirements

Default line and hunt group assignment
Simplifies system administration by logically defaulting to the top six buttons on the LCD supported programmable button column

OA&M navigation buttons
Simplifies system administration by moving navigation capability from the middle to the top of the LCD supported programmable button column

Quick reference pull out tray
Simplifies telephone operation by making the quick reference guide immediately accessible

Desktop Assistant label application version 1.3
Simplifies installation, moves, adds, and changes by allowing multiple sets to be printed simultaneously on perforated blank label sheets and zooming during print preview


Nortel IP Phones are capable of supporting the comprehensive telephony features and applications available with Meridian , Business Communications Manager, Communication Server 1000, Multimedia Communication Server 5100, as well as Nortel service provider platforms.

IP Phone 2002 2004 2050 PDF

Nortel Networks IP Phone 2001
Nortel Networks IP Phone 2004
Nortel Networks IP Phone 2007
IP Softphone 2050
Nortel IP Phone Key Expansion
IP Audio Conference 2033
Nortel Mobile USB Headset Adapter
Mobile Voice Client 2050
Nortel WLAN Handsets 2210 and 2211
Norstar: Doorphone


The Nortel Networks IP Phone 2001 is an entry level, single line desktop IP telephone designed specifically for public areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, hallways, and break rooms; or low call traffic locations such as school classrooms and hotel rooms. Standard features include a 802.3af Power over Ethernet, a fully bitmapped 2x24 character display, on hook dialling, listen mode speakerphone, Message Waiting Indication, fixed keys, navigation and soft keys.


10/100BASE-T Power over Ethernet via the IEEE 802.3af specification
Increased reliability by providing direct inline power from the Data Switching Equipment
2 fixed keys (hold and goodbye) improve interpersonal communication
3 programmable memory keys allow users to customize there telephone based on call patterns
4 self labelling, context sensitive soft keys
2 navigation keys (up and down)
Volume bar (up and down)
Message Waiting/Visual Ring Indicator
On hook dialling
Listen mode speakerphone
Adjustable display contrast
Distinctive ring tones
Automatic firmware upgrades
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Enterprise and Service Provider compatible
Global language support
Text labels or international icons
Headset via 3rd party
Hearing aid compatible
Desktop or wall mount
AC power (ordered separately)
Fully bit mapped display provides increased clarity, global appeal and future proof capability
Small footprint saves valuable desktop space


The Nortel Networks IP Phone 2002 is a standards based, Internet Protocol, desktop telephone that connects directly to the Local Area Network (LAN) via RJ-45 connector. Currently supported on both enterprise and carrier platforms, the display based IP Phone 2002 is ideally suited for moderate call volume users, such as office professionals and technical specialists.


Power over Ethernet
Delivers power from the Data Switching Equipment over Ethernet cabling via the IEEE 802.3af specification. By supporting Power over Ethernet, the IP Phone 2002 eliminates the need for power splitters and AC outlets, resulting in a more reliable and cost effective solution.

10Mbs/100Mbs full duplex Locked Up connetion
Senses full duplex audio in environments where the Data Switching Equipment does not auto negotiate the connection.

Integrated Ethernet Switch
This 10/100 Base-T, layer 2 internal Ethernet Switch splits one Category 5 LAN drop into separate feeds, providing an additional RJ-45 to accommodate a co-located PC with the IP Telephone. Implementing a hardware based fixed priority scheme to the voice port, the internal Ethernet Switch delivers priority to voice traffic, ensuring high quality voice is always available.

4x10 + 2x24 character based display
Provides the window to a wealth of personal productivity tools. By providing increased clarity for current information, as well as preparation for future applications, users are provided an experience that benefits from the latest in Nortel Networks technology.

4 Self labelling programmable keys
Eliminate paper while making access to external lines, intercom lines, features, or autodial numbers, simple and easy to read.

Self labelling, context sensitive soft keys
Provide the user with fast access to online instructions and system features.

Audio control center
Provides quick and seamless toggle control between handset, headset, and handsfree without audio disruption. Additionally, the volume bar can be used to individually adjust the handset, headset, handsfree, and ringer while LEDs keep track of the toggle action.

Navigation cluster
A fast menu, sub-list, and call log, scrolling and identification for one touch dialling and system features.

Specialized fixed keys
One touch access to current features such as CallPilot voicemail and planned future functionality is a plus.

Message waiting/visual ring indicator
Utilizes an easy-to-see lamp to indicate the presence of voicemail. The same lamp combines distinctive cadences to aid users in managing and identifying multiple call parties simultaneously.

Automatic firmware upgrades
Allow installed IP Phones to be upgraded via direct downloads, rendering site visits obsolete.

Network administrators can centrally manage and automate the assignment of IP addresses/telephones.

Hearing aid compatible
Safety is never an issue with the Nortel Networks IP Phone 2002, since it supports the full range of potential users and their unique requirements.

Adjustable display contrast
For viewing in a broad range of user environments.

Distinctive ring tones
Assignable, based on calling party or call type.

Feature Key
Provides one touch access plus feature code and password for personal information, users have access to all assigned system capabilities.

Multi stage icons
The four programmable keys provide a six stage graphic identifying the status of the line so that users can accurately disposition the call.

International icons or English text key caps
Can be equipped depending on user preference and/or country of deployment.


The Nortel Networks IP Phone 2004 delivers traditional business communications in a network controlled by a Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1, Succession 1000, Succession 1000M or Multimedia Communications Server 5100. The IP Phone 2004 is directly connected to the LAN via a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection, offering simplified management and reducing the time and cost associated with moves, adds and changes.


Simplified Management
The IP Phone 2004 connects directly into an Ethernet LAN and automatically obtains IP address assignments via a standard DHCP server, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional moves, adds and changes

Advanced telephony feature and application
access extends traditional telephony features and advanced applications such as CallPilot Unified Messaging and Symposium and Meridian Integrated applications over an Ethernet connection

Common across multiple platforms
Provides investment protection across multiple platforms including Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1, Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 1000M, Multimedia Communications Server 5100 and Service Provider platforms

Power over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet delivers power from the Data Switching Equipment over Ethernet cabling via the IEEE 802.3af specification. By supporting Power over Ethernet, the IP Phone 2004 eliminates the need for power splitters and AC outlets, resulting in a more reliable and cost effective solution

10Mps/100Mps full duplex Locked Up connections
The IP Phone 2004 can now be manually configured to either 10Mbs or 100Mbs. This ability to lock up the connection ensures full-duplex audio in environments where the Data Switching Equipment does not auto negotiate the connection

Direct connection to LAN
Allows customers to capitalize on the economies of a simplified wiring system within the enterprise

Enterprises flexibility
Enterprise can flexibly provide users with features and services they require to balance user functionality, streamlined management, and reduced facilities costs

International icons or English text key caps
Depending on user preference and/or country of deployment, the IP Phone 2004 can be equipped with International icons or English text key caps


The Nortel Networks IP Phone 2007 incorporates a 5x7 color touch screen, allowing multimedia presentation support and delivery of converged applications (voice, framed video and data such as customized web content) along with future SIP support via firmware download to the user desktop. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content from external application servers in advanced text or graphical format. A USB port supports standard USB mouse and keyboards for simple point and click access/navigation.

IP Phone 2007 Product Brief PDF


Up to twelve programmable line/feature keys
(Nortel Communication Server dependent) and four dynamic state sensitive soft function keys

Supports both pre packaged
And customized multimedia content from external application gateways

Softkey access to administration tools
Including initial configuration, network and local diagnostic and user preference menus

Configurable backlight timer
With 5, 10, 15, 20 minute, 1 and 2 hour settings

A sleep never setting
Supports 24 x 7 always on customer environments

Provides for power options
With compliance to the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard and local AC power via a universal power adapter

Built in amplifier supports amplified and un-amplified headsets
Integrated 10/100 Base-T switch supports collocation of a PC
Manual setting
Of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps connections supported for legacy switching equipment that does not perform auto sensing

Up to 650 telephony features
As delivered from Nortel Communication Servers (actual number server dependent)

Desktop or Wall Mountable
Silver metallic bezel
Enables realtime multimedia presentation
From external application servers through support of Virtual Network Computing, transforming this phone into a true Information Appliance

Application and Primary Application soft keys
Deliver quick access via the phones display to registered applications from external application servers

An integrated touch-screen
Provides an on screen popup keyboard and a USB port for standard USB mouse and keyboard support offers flexible navigation of menus and increased personal productivity in data entry

The Tools softkey
Delivers single click access to administrative tools including configuration, diagnostic and user preference menus

Integrated Stylus Valet
For convenient access and storage of IP Phone 2007 styli (stylus comes standard with the phone)

Backlit LCD
With local contrast and brightness settings offers enhanced viewing angles

Configurable backlight timer extends IP Phone 2007 display life
Customer choice in power
With support of the IEEE 802.3af power standard and local AC power via a universal power adapter

Direct and efficient connection of amplified
And un-amplified headsets with built in amplifier

Integrated 10/100 Base-T switch
Supports phone and PC using a single LAN connection from the patch panel to the desktop


The IP Softphone 2050 transforms your PC into a full featured platform for voice, data, and video communications. It's designed for use as a primary or supplemental desktop telephone, or a telecommuting device. Users simply load the software and plug a Nortel approved headset or handset into the USB Audio Adapter port to start communicating.

IP Softphone 2050 Tech Spec PDF


Commonly used features such as call origination, call termination
Mute, volume and message waiting indication are accessible to users via the IP Softphone 2050 and the USB audio adapter

Traditional telephony features
Such as Conference and Transfer make the IP Softphone 2050 suitable for everyday business

Fixed keys
Include copy, quit, up, down, left, right navigation keys, mute, up and down volume keys, answer, goodbye, information key, directory, inbox, outbox, services, quick dials, redial list, callers list and local directory

Operational from windows status bar
Or using keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) Four programmable interactive soft keys

Up to 12 (for call servers that offer shift key support) programmable keys
For direct access to lines, features, and/or autodials

Three slide out feature trays
(programmable lines/features only, numbers (dialpad) only or combination with both)

Macro functions
For programming lengthy dialling patterns boosts personal productivity

Powerful directory capabilities
Local (stored on the PC itself) or linked to external directory (LDAP, Outlook, and Symantec ACT are supported)

TAPI compliance
For operation with other telephony applications such as Microsoft Outlook and ACT

User selectable ringer
Allows the PC speakers, USB headset or Nortel Networks handset to ring for incoming calls

Local generation of call alerting
Call progress and dialpad tones saving LAN/WAN bandwidth

Supports static (VPN) and dynamic (DHCP) IP
Addressing for maximum flexibility in administration

Voice Activity Detection and Silence Suppression support
Reduces unnecessary traffic across the WAN

Online help with full index search capabilities
USB audio kit with telephony
Optimised sound card ensures superior audio quality

Maximises the use of a Windows based application
Centralises business applications at the desktop
Boosts personal productivity
Supports access to local or external directories

Records incoming and outgoing calls in call log
Provides one click direct dialling
From various windows and applications, immediate answers to user questions through online help and superior audio performance through advanced technology and standards

Appeals to a broad range of user environments
Due to multiple audio interfaces

Eliminates the need for a traditional voice line
Uses a single Internet connection for both voice and data connection

PC based software phone
Can act as a primary desktop phone, supplementary phone or telecommuter phone

Customer selectable audio interface options
Include support for various 3rd party headsets as well as a Nortel handset


Nortel IP Phone Key Expansion Module provides additional line/feature key appearances from Nortel Communication Servers to IP Phones 2002 and 2004. With support of up to 24 additional keys per Module, the IP Phone Key Expansion Module extends the reach of your employees offering increased personalization to both customers and colleagues at the desktop.

Nortel IP Phone Key Expansion Module Tech Spec PDF


Up to 48 additional line/programmable feature keys
Extend from either IP Phone 2002 or 2004 (Exact number of feature keys supported may vary by Nortel Communication Server. Refer to Communication Server documentation of choice for further details

Supports shift functionality
On selected Nortel Communication Servers, enabling a single IP Phone Key Expansion Module to access up to a total of 48 keys (2 pages x 24) in space limited environments

Direct powering
From IP Phone 2002 or 2004, standalone power supply is not required

Optional IP Phone Key Expansion Module wall mount kit
For deployment on either IP Phone 2002 or 2004

Supported on all phases of IP Phone 2002 and 2004
(prior releases to phase II of the IP Phones require firmware version B63 or later)

Delivers cost and desktop space savings offering
Increase line/feature key appearances (up to 24 per unit/up to 48 with shift functionality) versus purchase of additional standalone IP Phones

Promotes customer satisfaction
With greater personalization by centralizing up to 48 additional line appearances at a single desktop

Reduces costs
And offers greater reliability with power drawn directly from the IP Phone, thereby eliminating the need for standalone power supplies

Ensures investment protection
As business needs change with cross Nortel Communication Server offering

Offers increased flexibility
For more demanding customer environments with Optional IP Phone Key Expansion Module Wall Mount Kit


The IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 is a full duplex, handsfree conference phone for the desktop, offering 360 degree room coverage with support of Nortel IP telephony features. It meets the IEEE 1329 standard for full duplex, offers two optional extension microphones, a backlit 3 x 24 monochrome bitmapped LCD with 246 x 68 pixel resolution, 802.1p/Q and DiffServ prioritization, DHCP and G.711/G.729a codecs.

IP Audio Conference 2033 Tech Spec PDF


Embedded three microphone design
Offers 360 degree room coverage with support of up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. (6.1 m x 6.1 m) room dimensions

Optional (up to two) 7 ft. (2.1 m) expansion microphones
Deliver expandable deployment coverage for rooms up to 20 ft. x 30 ft. (6.1 m x 9.1 m)

Integration of Backlit 3x24 Flexible Super Twist Nematic (FSTN) Liquid Crystal Display
Enhances viewing angles for conference participants

Ten fixed keys
(Line, Release, Hold, Mute, Up/Down Volume, Scroll Up/Down, Messages, Services) for easy to use navigation

Locally generated comfort noise
Upon detection of silent periods ensures maximum efficiency in communications

Rich user experience with cross Nortel Communication Server
Support of up to 650 telephony features (number is Nortel Communication Server dependent)

Offers investment protection and convenience
With field upgrades through downloadable firmware over TFTP or UFTP (Nortel Communication Server dependent)

Reduces clutter at desktop
With Power Interface Module (PIM) support, combining local AC and Ethernet connection over a single 25 ft. (7.6 m) cable

Simplifies feature access
With three context sensitive soft labelled keys, delivering intelligent call command options during audio communications

Full duplex speakerphone
Supports active and concurrent talking and listening audio paths, ideal for geographically dispersed audio conference participants

Familiar user interface
With enhanced keymap labelling to that of an IP Phone 2001

Icon based keycaps for global deployment


The Nortel Mobile USB Headset Adapter extends high quality digital audio and business telephony features from Nortel Communication Clients including the IP Softphone 2050, Multimedia Communication Server 5100 and Multimedia Communication Server 5200 Clients, and the m6350 for IP Centrex applications. USB 1.1 (and later) connections are supported along with a 2.5mm headset jack, offering the choice of a single 3rd party headset for use in both public and private network calls.

Mobile USB Headset Adapter Tech Spec PDF


Six, colour coded, pre printed, icon based function keys
For minimize/maximize, call answer, call release, mute, volume up, volume down

2.5mm headset jack
Supports use of 3rd party headsets compatible with Motorola cellular telephones

Portable small form factor
With dimensions of 62mm Long, 32 mm Wide, 16mm High

Visual alerting
Via Red and Blue translucent LEDs of incoming call, voicemail and adapter activation status

User configurable audio parameters
Enable client alerts and media to be directed to external PC speakers or to USB Headset

Supports Nortel software based Communication Clients
Include IP Softphone 2050, Multimedia Communication Server 5100 and 5200 PC and Web Clients and m6350 IP Centrex Client

Comes with small carrying case to pack adapter when mobile
Optimised solution
For the worker constantly on the go or the casual telecommuter

Easy to recognize and intuitive function keys
Deliver immediate access to common business telephony application controls

Maximizes convenience and flexibility
With support of 3rd party headsets, for deployment with Motorola cellular telephones, delivering both public and private network access to mobile workers

USB Headset Adapter and bundled headset
Reduce IT administration and overhead costs, avoiding operating system, soundcard and PC application debugging issues that can be incurred by use of 3rd party solutions

Supports Nortel IP Telephony and Converged Client solutions
Deliver investment protection to customers as business needs evolve

Provides superior digital audio quality
With controls for echo suppression, latency and volume gain/loss levels

Integrated Belt clip
Stabilizes both Adapter and Headset while on the go

Expands portfolio of USB offerings
Deliver increased choice in adapter solutions for customers


Mobile Voice Client 2050 extends 802.11b WLAN IP Telephony to mobile workers using Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC PDAs including the Dell Axim X50v, Axim X5 Advanced, X3 and X3i, Hewlett Packard iPAQ 555x and Toshiba e75x and e80x series models. Voice and data communications are secure for external to campus employees with support for IPSec VPN tunnelling with Nortel Communication Servers delivering support of up to 650 telephony features

Mobile Voice Client 2050 Tech Spec PDF


Provides access to commonly used features
Such as call origination, goodbye, mute, volume and message waiting indication, plus hundreds more for feature parity to other Nortel IP Phones and Software Phones

Up to twelve programmable keys
For direct access to lines/features and autodials (available to Communication Servers that support the shift key function)

Thirteen fixed keys
Which include hold, answer/originate, goodbye, mute, volume up, volume down, directory, services, messages, shift, expand, copy and quit

Four programmable interactive soft label keys
Macro function
For programming lengthy dialling patterns, access to voicemail/integrated voice response systems which boosts personal productivity

Global IP Sounds (GIPS) software from NetEQ
As standard supporting packet loss concealment up to 30% in high packet loss environments

Local generation of call alerting
Call progress and dialpad tones which saves on LAN/WAN bandwidth

Ability to synchronize Microsoft Outlook contact lists
With the PC using ActiveSync or beam to another PDA

Static and Dynamic IP Addressing (DHCP)
For maximum flexibility in administration

Customized online help
For Mobile Voice Client 2050 with full index search capabilities

Pocket PC based software phone
Which can act as a primary or supplementary phone for within campus mobile employees, casual telecommuters or frequently travelling workers

Centralizes business applications access over an 802.11 WiFi connection
Eliminate the need for standalone voice and data devices

Delivers instantaneous access to traditional telephony features
Such as transfer, conference, call forward and more via soft label keys

Provides single touch direct dialling
From various windows and applications

Reduces enterprise user training costs
With feature operation consistency to Nortel IP Softphone 2050 features and digital phones interfaces

Boosts personal productivity
With simple and efficient dialling of user contacts from Mobile Voice Client 2050

Provides enhanced audio performance
Through advanced technology such as GIPS packet loss concealment

Streamlines set up
And preferences access for travelling workers to other corporate campuses with multiple profile support

Customer choice in headset and headphone options
(use of headset or headphone varies by type of PDA)

Delivers immediate answers to Mobile Voice Client 2050 features with online help
Enables multiple appearance
Of a user's personal extension for maximum flexibility in access to voice communications services


Nortel WLAN Handsets 2210 & 2211 are specifically designed for mobile workplace use within a facility using the supported Nortel Networks IP Telephony Call Servers and 802.11b Access Points (APs) in a wireless LAN. Nortel WLAN Handsets are extremely simple to use, require minimal training, and are durable enough to withstand the rigors of workplace use. The rugged design has no moving parts or external antenna so there is nothing to break or come loose. A complete set of accessories is available including headsets, chargers, and carrying cases.

Nortel Wireless LAN 2200 Series Product Brief PDF


ACD Login/out & ACD Not Ready
Secondary DN Calling Line ID (CLID/CNPD)
Call Forward
Call Park / Call Park Retrieve
Call Pickup
DN / Directed / Group
Call Transfer
Group Call
Make Set Busy/ACD Not Ready
Message Waiting Indication / Voice Mail Access
Multiple Appearance DN / Single Call / Multiple Call
Multiple DNs on a Single Set
Call Hold
Last Number Redial
Speed Call System


The Norstar Doorphone enables office people to talk directly with visitors prior to their entering a building. When a visitor presses the Call Button, the Norstar system rings the designated phone(s) and allows two way conversation. The optional Door Opening Controller enables any Norstar phone to control a latch on a door or a gate.

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