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From conception to completion, our projects are managed efficiently and effectively to ensure our high standards of quality are maintained. All work is carried out with the highest standard through constant quality assessment. Thorough testing and documentation are utilized on all projects, regardless of size.


Advancedcom is proud of its highly skilled and dedicated workforce, trained to carry out installations with the minimum of customer disruption. Our experience of working within office environments enables us to maintain uninterrupted network services. Working "behind the scenes" allows the customer to carry out their normal business without disruption. Each installation is allocated to a Project Manager (PM), who will contact you as soon as the details are received in the project office. Your PM will be responsible for ensuring the installation is carried out quickly and efficiently. They will keep you informed of any development as the project progresses; always being available should you need to discuss any aspect of your installation. A daily schedule of progress details the key elements of each project's critical path is maintained and reviewed at the end of each project completion.

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