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Advancedcom will save you from the inconvenience of dealing with phone service providers.  We have direct access enabling us to offer our customers Telco liaison as part of our many services.


These services include:

  • Relocation from your curent place of business to your new location

  • Ordering voice and data lines that can bee either analog or digital


PRI / T-1

A communications package for businesses with high call volumes. Includes local service,  caller ID,  flat rate local and local-toll usage, low long distance rates, and more. Cost-effective, digital voice communications that allow you to expand operations without drastic price increases. Options for call centers, general office use, smaller offices, sales offices, and more.


Business Voice Service

Complete menu of custom calling features, local number portability (to keep your current phone and fax numbers), 911, directory, long distance information services, and more.


Centrex Lines

Standard features include unique phone numbers for each employee, 3-way calling, last number redial, and more; additional features also available.


Business Toll-Free Service

Toll-free phone numbers with no setup fees, monthly fees, or minimums. Service options available for U.S.; U.S. and Canada; and U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.


Reservationless Conferencing

Virtual conferencing that connects employees and clients by phone at a moment's notice.

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